Who we are

We are a fully indigenous Company with Core Competence in Retail Power provision, Engineering and Sales Services.

Sector we focus on

Our Focus is on the Downstream sector of the power industry in Nigeria, with spread to west African countries.

Execution and Experience

We execute rural Electrification Projects of capacities ranging from 15kilowats up to 700 kilowatts, using either solar power options or Natural Gas Options. Our Experience with both Urban and Rural lighting projects spans over 10 years across Nigeria with healthy ongoing and past relationships with Clients and Beneficiaries in both the private and public sectors of the market.

Power Distribution

We handle Civil Engineering and Electrical Wireline services for the Construction of Distribution infrastructures and networks for power distribution. Currently, we are Commencing a domestic lighting and power solution for consumers of Electricity in both urban and rural areas across Nigeria. This an Initial 5-year project tagged Light Rangers. This project would bring solar lighting solutions to homes, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, small-sized hotels and Medical facilities based on a payment plan of between 6-24months; wherein the Beneficiaries can have solar power solutions installed immediately in their premises with a part- payment of just 25%, while the remaining payment is spread over a convenient period of between 6-24 months.

Our Desire

It is our strong desire to constantly bring power solutions to the doorstep of every home in Nigeria, whether high-end or low-end. Everyone deserves light….everyone requires power to live a normal life. Our Personnel are readily available to attend to your power and lighting needs within 24 hours anywhere in Nigeria.

Our Services

We provide small and medium capacity alternative power solutions for domestic, Corporate and light
industrial Applications through the following applications:

 Solar Power Solutions (for homes, offices, Hospitals, and medium commercial facilities)


Wind power Solutions


Hydrogen Cell Power Generators


 Compressed natural gas engines

Do you require our expertise?

Simply send an email to us at . Your request needs to contain your telephone numbers, so that our technical and sales personnel can contact you to set up your installation. We are available to you all across Nigeria.

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