What We Provide

We are a Top-notch Company with Core Competence in Logistics, with specific emphasis on heavy trucks Haulage services, Medium Truck goods delivery, Cold-Chain truck services, Medium and long term truck rentals with Cross-country delivery networks.

Our Trucks are brand new and efficient. We use only the trusted brand names in the global haulage market. And we replace used ones in serviceable condition (post-warranty) once in every 4-7 years. Our Drivers and crew are trained to understand the needs as well as the nature of the business of our Clients, to ensure prompt and safe delivery in a Professional and courtesieous manner. We Operate strictly on Contract with Companies running scheduled deliveries of their products cross- country..

Our specific Haulage listing conveys the following products, materials & equipments: Agro commodities (with a current exclusion of imported rice), Animal feedmill products, Cement, building materials, Construction equipment and refridgerated foods.  We provide small and medium capacity delivery van solutions for Specialized domestic, Corporate and light industrial deliveries throughout Nigeria.

 Our Experience with Haulage Contracts spans over 8 years across Nigeria with healthy ongoing and past relationships with Clients. 

Do You Need Logisitic Service?

We are at your service. send an email to us at . Your request needs to contain your telephone numbers, so that our services personnel can contact you to arrange logistics services tailored to your needs. We are available to you all across Nigeria

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